PM Modi asks Ministers to reach office by 9:30 am

Prime Minister Narendra Modi kick-started a second term last month after being re-elected with a huge mandate. PM Modi has now taken a great step at the very first meeting of his council of ministers. PM Modi said that ministers should be punctual, regular and should avoid working from home and asked them to reach the office by 9:30 am as per TOI.

The Prime Minister reportedly also asked senior ministers to mentor first-timers and allocate work to ministers of state. Cabinet ministers must share files with their juniors in a bid to improve productivity, Modi added.

Ministers were also advised to fix a day in order to meet with party workers and to regularly meet lawmakers, the sources added. He then urged them to conform to meeting with lawmakers whenever they get an appointment.

“They were told work should be done in office, not at home,” sources added, quoting the Prime Minister.

Narendra Modi who is well-known to start his day very early and work long hours, said ministers must show willingness to reach office on time and spend some moments talking the latest developments in the ministry with officials.