Meet the real Hero- who climbed the burning building and saved several lives of students from Surat fire tragedy

At least 20 people were killed and several others were badly injured in a fire disaster at Surat’s coaching centre in Gujarat. Some students were forced to jump off a commercial complex after it caught fire today afternoon. What started as a small spark turned out to be a disaster.

The fire completely surrounded the third and fourth floor of the Taxshila Complex, the official who witnessed the scenes added in a statement. The coaching centre was located on the third and fourth floors of the Takshashila Complex, and several students were forced to jump off the burning building.

Credits: Internet

However, at the need of the hour, one hero appeared right in front of everyone. The man named Ketan Jorawadia is now being appreciated for his extraordinary tale of bravery during the incident. He put his own life at risk in sure death zone and went all out to save the lives of fellow citizens.

As per India Today, Ketan, without even caring about his life, boldly climbed on to the ridge of the building, and helped students get out safely.

It is cognisance of the fact that one of the main dangers of a building fire is suffocation and Ketan helped some of the students get out of the windows safely. According to a Twitter user, Ketan rescued at least 2 girls from falling off the building.

Investigations are now underway about the cause of the fire, and the owner of the coaching centre has been arrested. Further details are awaited.

Risking one’s life in a bid to save others’ lives is the fighter’s mentality and Ketan Jorawadia stood by this phrase with boldness and sheer presence of mind. Had it not been for his decisiveness, things could have been a different one altogether. Let’s take a moment to appreciate him by sharing this article!

There are two facts about heroes that have never been in doubt. One acts in movies to entertain the audience to earn fame and reputation for the knack of his acting skills whereas the other takes risks to save people in real-life scenarios, say Indian soldiers or a common man. The hero is someone who can give real-time protection by all means. The sad reality is that people admire film heroes as much as they admire gods.

We have seen, in many parts of India, avid fans offering milk Abhishekam and prayers for the filmy heroes they admire who just act in movies but when the hero risks his life to save lives, he gets no hype but just an appreciation by some people. We live in a society where people appreciate film heroes who save people’s lives in action sequences but when the same thing happens real, no one bats an eye.