Mumbai Slum dancers participate in American Got Talent, get standing ovation

Well, it is not that easy to impress the whole audience at Got Talent show but the Mumbai Slum dancers going by the name ‘V.Unbeatable!’ made it look so.

The entire crew literally produced an absolute peach of an electrifying performance with super cool dance steps at a blistering pace and did something unthinkable which made everyone go awe at them and after the end of the show, the audience gave a standing ovation.

Watch the video below here:

America’s Got Talent shared V Unbeatable’s video clip on microblogging Instagram and captioned it, “There’s a reason their name is V.Unbeatable! See for yourself on the season premiere of #AGT Tuesday 8/7c on @NBC.”

Mumbai dance team V Unbeatable comprises 28 dancers between the ages of 12 to 27. Most members of the group live in slum areas and when asked to explain their lives in Mumbai, they said, “Many of the members of our group live in slums, which are very crowded, dirty and they don’t get proper electricity. Often seven to ten people are staying in one room. It is very challenging to survive there. Each day we pray for a better life but in slums, there is very little opportunity for us.”

They also added that they completely forget about their tensions when they dance which gives them a great sense of accomplishment. In addition, the dance group was quite tensed about performing at America’s Got Talent. “For the past two week we haven’t been able to sleep. This opportunity can change our lives and everyone wants to succeed to give back to their families.”

Before spicing it up on America’s Got Talent, V Unbeatable played a part of Star Plus’ dance reality show Dance Plus 4.