Every film-freaks guide to “Shabbash mere cheeteh”

A great man once said, ‘Movies are like religions in India’ and yes, this seems very apt not only in India but the entire world. People get really enthusiastic about different films and across the globe, the number of cine addicts is going higher day-by-day. But unfortunately, they lack behind, by not being able to preach what they learn. This is exactly where Buger tries to bridge the gap.

Buger is an online app which provides people a platform to review about various films of many languages and share their experience with others.

But now, an obvious question of Buger being different from any other movie-reviewing app must have arisen. Here’s the answer to that.

First and foremost , Buger is focused on valuing individuals opinions rather than that of the movies. So, this is a first-of-its-kind app which is man-centered and allows the user to have a mind of his own and spread it across to a larger crowd, unlike any other site which prioritises the movies, their leads, cast etc.

Secondly, in this era of instagramming and updating stories regularly, Buger allows its users to share their reviews on any other social-media platform in a super cool image format, thus, making their stories look colourful and amazing! And stuff worth posting is exactly what we teenagers are looking forward to, in almost everything, right from food to clothes, politics to entertainment, sports to industries etc.

Also, this app discovers a hidden movie critic in every person. One doesn’t have to be a born professional in reviewing about films nor should he have enough experience. He can easily review about a film of his choice and get his own movie portfolio where all the movies rated & reviewed by him get listed.

Finishing this, the app has a lot of encouragement to offer its users. Some really cool words, like the following, pop up as responses, after reviewing a film.

• Shabbash Mere Cheeteh!
• Mogambo Khush Hua
• Jhe Baat!

This rises up one’s confidence levels and motivates them to review frequently.

Adding up to all these, Buger offers every user a personalized movie doughnut which represents their interest in the particular movie genre based on their past activity in the app.

Being an app which provides its users all such fantastic features, more than thousand downloads have already been seen along with 60% of the users reviewing more than 20 movies within 2 months of using it.

This app stands apart from all the other movie-reviewing apps in many ways, mainly by being human-centered, by allowing them to opine their minds out and by permitting them to share the word with the world. Such an app would get about a change by freeing the minds of the movie buffs, and letting an open space for them to explode with viewpoints of their own.

With all of the above, we strive to get a day where every film freak will definitely opine about each and every single film he ever happens to watch and disseminate about such a wonderful app to a larger mass of people.