3-yr-old Kashmiri girl raped by a man next-door, Islamic Trust comes to defend the Rapist, calls him minor

It’s getting scary as days progress and still, there are no guaranteed signs of safety for the girls and women these days. In yet another shocking incident that shocked the Kashmir Valley during the holy month of Ramzan, a 3-year-old girl was raped by a 20-year-old neighbour at Malikpora village, Tregam area of Sumbal, North Kashmir on Friday.

The girl was rushed the hospital and her condition is still critical. It is unbelievable that a local welfare trust named Islamic Educational Trust has come to the rescue of the rapist, Tahir Ashraf Mir, by calling him a minor.

A certificate issued by the institute that spread like wildfire on social media citing Tahir as a minor who studied there till 2017 and was born in July 2009.

The letter issued by the local school indicates Tahir Ashraf Mir as a minor.

Credits: Twitter

The protests seeking the death penalty to the rapist have gathered strength in the Valley after a local cleric revealed the shocking rape incident at a mosque in North Kashmir. Even the Deputy Commissioner of Srinagar Shahid Choudary expressed shock over the letter which was issued for defending the rapist.

“Only in this part of the world, a Principal, not being a competent authority goes beyond the law to “save a rape accused”. Shame!,” he tweeted.

Shah Faesal who is the former IAS officer-turned-political leader said, “Nothing should stop @bandiporapolice from sending the Trigam rapist to gallows. The birth certificate of the culprit, I am told, is fake. It has no value. Treat him as an adult and hang him. Entire Kashmir is with you @rmalikjk.”

The Jammu and Kashmir Police unit arrested the wrongdoer rapist, Tahir who is believed to be a paedophile and may have also abused many local minor girls. The residents of Malikpora village also staged a demonstration at Srinagar demanding the culprit to be hanged to death with immediate effect.

“This is the state of our affairs today. If this can happen to a 3-year-old girl, it could happen to anyone. Lots of influential people are trying to save the rapist. But we will not rest till he is brought to book.

He is not a minor but a grown-up adult who has been accused of harassing minor girls in the village. We will sit on the road until the authorities take action. The police have assured us of action, but we cannot rely on them anymore,” the women from Bandipora protesting in Srinagar told the reporters.

The shocking incident happened barely a year after an 8-year-old girl belonging to a nomadic Bakarwal community in Jammu’s Kathua district was gang-raped, drugged and killed by the acquaintances of a local temple priest and policemen, which left the entire nation in shock.

In spite of the fact that the Indian government passed an order calling for the death penalty to the rapists, the lethargic legal process for justice to the rape victims often acts as a major setback.

The nation is still carrying an unwanted record which we people are aware of. With so many records to boast about India’s development, their failure to stop rape cases is haunting like hell.

Rape is the fourth most common crime in India. The level of rape cases in our nation rose alarmingly. It is learnt that most of the rape cases were committed by someone known to the victim.