Skipping breakfast increases risk of heart attack by 59%, finds study

Do you have the habit of skipping breakfast in the morning? Then this article is for you! A study finds that skipping breakfast may increase your risk for cardiovascular disease.

The major link found in a study of 6,550 adults aged 65 to 75, was specifically strong for stroke.

Almost 60% of the participants had breakfast regularly, a quarter on some days, and 16% of them rarely had or never. It has been learnt according to the study that all were free of heart disease at the start of the study. Over an average of 17 years of further observation, there were nearly 2,318 deaths, including 619 from cardiovascular diseases.

People who never had any interest to eat breakfast were more likely to be obese with high cholesterol.

Compared with those who had breakfast on a regular basis, those who skipped the meal had an 87 % increased risk for death from any cardiovascular disease and a 19% increased danger for all-cause death. Those who skip breakfast had a 59% increased risk of developing heart disease by themselves which is also more than triple the risk of stroke.

“Many studies have shown that skipping breakfast is related to a higher risk of diabetes, hypertension” and high cholesterol, said the lead author, Dr. Wei Bao who is an assistant professor of epidemiology at the University of Iowa.

“Our study suggests that eating breakfast could be a simple way to promote cardiovascular health,” he further added.

Some people also specified a reason why they skip their breakfast. They said that they would sleep late night and wake up a bit late in the morning and probably this is why they go straight for lunch session by skipping the breakfast.

Well, after reading the article, people should start changing their daily habits and start eating breakfast. Let’s hope for a change!