Robert Vadra puts Paraguay flag instead of Indian one, Twitter teaches him a lesson

After getting his finger inked in the sixth phase of the Lok Sabha elections, Robert Vadra who is the brother-in-law of Congress president Rahul Gandhi today took to Twitter to post a picture of him with an inspirational message followed by an emoji of the tricolour. But the biggest shock was that he used the Paraguay flag instead of tri-colour.

“Robert Vadra declared himself a Paraguayan citizen on 12th May 2019,” remarked one.

Credits: IndiaToday

One more citizen, referring to a property-related case against Mr Vadra in Rajasthan’s Bikaner, in a sarcastic way hinted that he may be searching for land in the South American country.

Very soon, Robert Vadra tried to compensate by tweeting out a second post, this time with the right country flag- Indian tricolour. Well, the original post was taken down but the screenshots of the tweet spread like wildfire on social media. The Paraguayan flag also started trending on Twitter.

Here’s how Twitter reacted:

Just days after his wife Priyanka Gandhi Vadra’s decision to join the Congress party, Robert Vadra expressed his interest to jump into politics too. “It is not necessary to be a politician to serve the people, but I will do it if people feel that I can bring about a change in good time,” he said, adding that Moradabad would probably be his electoral battleground of choice.

Though the ruling BJP mocked at the idea, posters welcoming such a move came up across the UP constituency. However, Robert Vadra further clarified that he would not contest the elections until he was totally cleared of all charges on money laundering and land grabbing.

Apart from the Bikaner case, the businessman is being investigated by the Enforcement Directorate in linkup with the alleged purchase of a high-end property in London.