Meet Sanmugavel R- the boy who scored 490 marks in 10th Board Exam, let’s share his story

Most of the students do not have dreams; even if they have them, they are either vague or not realistic. Many students who have dreams give up midway.

The major reasons are lack of perseverance, loss at some point or some other distractions. One must have the courage to dream in life if he has to be cut above the rest and Sanmugavel R from Sivagangai district in Tamil Nadu did the same. He proved that anything is possible through sheer hard work, grit and determination.

The boy who studied in government school scored 490 marks in his 10th Public examination, scoring 100 in Mathematics, 99 in Language, 99 in Social Science and 99 in Science and 93 in English. Let’s take a moment to appreciate this boy on his successful result. His hard work bore fruit.

There is no doubt that he could have also scored more in English should he be given good English coaching at his school.

But sadly, his story has not been covered by media. Why is that so? Is it because of the fact that he didn’t study in a private institution? One can’t rule out the fact that his result spoke huge volumes.

This type of post deserves to go viral and this boy deserves to be famous. Please spread this post and make it viral and it’s in your hands.

Build a better you:

Last but not least, life gives us an opportunity everyday. In fact, each day is a new day for everyone. We can make it or break it. This is left for us to decide.

Also, life offers us chances to grow, it gives us chances to succeed but if we do not grab the chances, we either regret or we complain. Most often we say ‘those grapes were sour’.