DSP shot dead in front of his children in congress ruled Madhya Pradesh

A stranger sneaked into a DSP’s residence after which he took an extreme step by shooting him dead in front of his family members on Wednesday. This unexpected incident happened in Madhya Pradesh which left the police department in complete shock.

According to a statement by cops, the killing was the fallout of a personal argument. The alleged shooter identified as Himanshu Pratap Singh, a resident of Nehru Nagar Police Lines, had gone to DSP GL Ahirwar’s home armed with a pistol.

In fact, he was previously arrested for posing as a CID officer to blacmail truck drivers. Ahirwar, the 60-year-old was shot in the chest and passed away within minutes of being admitted to the hospital.

DIG Irshad Wali added that Ahirwal was posted with CID at police HQ for more than 3 years. It is said that his wife is no more and he lived with a son, Santosh Choudhary, who is a homoeopath and daughter-in-law Rakhi Choudhary in Awadhpuri.

Ahirwal undergone heart surgery April and his beloved daughter, Dr Anita was a regular visitor. Santosh Choudhary told TOI that he was at his clinic when his wife called up at 7.29 pm to say that someone by the name of Himanshu came to visit DSP Ahirwal.

“I had met Himanshu at a wedding some time ago but did not knew him well,” he added. Himanshu Pratap Singh had allegedly informed the family that he wanted to meet the DSP to wish a speedy recovery.