Congress had done 18-19 times surgical strike on Pakistan, but never advertised it: Congress

Former Congress Minister Jitendra Singh indirectly took a dig at BJP government by claiming that they had done a surgical strike on Pakistan on numerous occasions, say 18 or 19 times but they have never advertised it, as per the media reports.

Jitendra Singh stressed on the fact that they have never publicized their achievements, as they never wanted to reap benefits out of it. Congress doubted the air strike conducted by the Indian Air Force asking for proofs or evidence.

Credits: DNA India

Initially, it was West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee who accused the Modi government of using the airstrike operation only for political purpose ahead of the upcoming general elections. Mamata also demanded that complete details of the country’s surgical strike 2.0 inside Pakistan’s region should be made public.

She added: “We are with our forces and we want that our forces be allowed to reveal the truth. We don’t need a war for political compulsions. If it is for national security, we are with the nation. But we don’t support a war to win an election, we want peace.”

“Some media is reporting 300 people died, we want to know the actual truth. Where did they drop the bomb? Was it dropped at the right target? International media is reporting that no such thing happened, that the bomb missed its target and no one died! So what is the truth?” she asked.

She said, adding that everyone had the right to know more about the true incident and how many terrorists lost their lives in the airstrike.

Navjot Sidhu makes a shocking statement:

Punjab Minister Navjot Singh Sidhu slammed the BJP government asking what was the intent behind such air strikes. “Were you uprooting terrorists or trees,” asked Sidhu on Twitter. He criticized the BJP government for “politicising” the Indian Army.

“300 terrorist dead, Yes or No? What was the purpose then? Were you uprooting terrorist or trees? Was it an election gimmick? Deceit possesses our land in guise of fighting a foreign enemy. Stop politicising the army, it is as sacred as the state,” he wrote on Twitter.

In yet another tweet, Sidhu tweeted saying, “Stop politicising the army for your political motives. The army is as sacred as the state! Stop deflecting the real issues, they will come back to haunt you. Job loss, Black money, 1708 terrorist acts, NPAs, Farmer Suicides! All this gone, because your ‘so-called’ propaganda war is on.”

Besides Sidhu, several other Congress leaders have also questioned the number of terrorists killed in the air strikes. Congress leader Kipal Sibal quoted International media: “hardly anyone had died there (In Pakistan).” Previously, Congress leader Ajay Singh questioned the air strikes quoting a New York Times report saying that, “there was no damage due to air strikes.”

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