The girl who married a Modi fan is allegedly being tortured by husband

Day by day, we are coming across strange things on social media and it is quite evident that some of which go viral for all the right or wrong reasons. Here is one more story which went viral on the internet.

Some few days ago, a tweet by youth from Jamnagar from Gujarat spread like wildfire on the social media platform. The youth by the name of Jay Dave had posted a photo of him with a girl with both wearing “Namo Again T-shirts” claiming that he stumbled upon her after she ‘liked’ his comment supporting PM Modi on a Rahul Gandhi’s Facebook page.

Credits: Twitter

“We talked, met and found out that we both support you (Narendra Modi) and because we both want to live for India, so we decided to do it together,” he said in a tweet which was addressed to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Unexpectedly, the tweet went viral on the internet. But Dave who is a “translator, writer, actor, Gujarati Indian” deleted his tweet for some reason.

Initially, it was thought that the Dave deleted the tweet after the couple were trolled online. Later, he clarified that the viral tweet was deleted by accident.

Despite their story going rife on social media, the couple didn’t interact with media.

As per the HuffPost India, the couple got married on December 31 and the marriage was registered recently.

Everything was fine until a Twitter user by the name of Alpika Pandey who labels herself as a “desh bhakt, a fashion designer and voice over artist,” on her bio posted a string of tweets.

“Here’s the other side of the story that you have been hearing about @thejaydave who met a girl on @facebook who liked one of his comments on @RahulGandhi’s page. They fell in love and got together as they both supported @narendramodi. Well, I am that girl,” she tweeted which had a picture of the couple.

Blaming Dave of using their story to praise or glorify his image in BJP as well as on social media, Alpika had alleged that he used the image without her permission for his own ‘benefit of publicity’.

She then went on to make allegations against her husband and in-laws criticising Dave of torturing her ‘mentally and physically’ so much so that she tried committing suicide.

She even alleged that Dave’s family supported him in doing so.

Being an 18-year-old girl, she didn’t have the freedom to even step out of the house without a member accompanying her.

In an interview with Indiatimes over the phone from her parent’s home in Bengaluru Alpika said her unpleasant experience began just a couple of days into the marriage, which was on December 31.

“He would not even allow me to speak to my parents. When I started facing the problems, I had to text to my mom while I was inside the bathroom so that he won’t know,” Alpika said.

She recalls that her partners were against her getting married as she was “too young”.

“I am just 18 years old and he is around 29. So my parents did not support the marriage, as they felt it was way too young to get married. They asked me to wait for sometime before getting married, but he pressurized,” Alpika said

She said adding that she only knew Dave for just six months before they got married.

Alpika also said that she went back to her parents home in Bengaluru on February 1 and ever since she uploaded her story on Twitter that her in-laws are pressurizing her parents to get the tweet deleted immediately.

When asked about the controversial deleted tweet which Dave had posted on his account along with their photo, Alpika said she was unsure about the reason for him deleting the tweet.

Hailing from Chennai, Chaithanya G is the Managing Director of TheYouth. He has dedicated his whole life to reading and writing.