This Doctor provides free treatment to homeless people & beggars – let’s appreciate him

A doctor is the second God. He is someone who restores human’s health back to normal through the best practice of medicine. With vast knowledge, a doctor can diagnose and treat human disease, injuries, ailments, pain and so on. Have you seen a doctor giving free treatment to the homeless people and beggars?

Meet Dr. Abhijit Sonawane. Hailing from Pune, he is now like a family member to the poor and needy people. Dr Abhijeet Sonawane treats those poverty-stricken people and beggars absolutely free of cost. This goes to show he is a man of generosity. He starts his day by visiting religious places and helps the physically challenged and homeless people by providing the best treatment.

Credits: YouTube

This doctor is no less than a god for poor and needy people. He not only takes care of those elderly homeless or physically challenged people by giving them free medicines but also carries those less unfortunate ones in emergency conditions to government hospitals. He bears all their expenses.

Dr. Abhijit Sonawane stressed the fact that elderly homeless people are the ones who have been abandoned by their families. In order to survive, they have no other option but to beg.

“These elderly people are generally the ones who have been abandoned by their families and have no option but to beg. I not only do their check-up but also give them free medicines, which I carry with me. I do this from 10 am to 3 pm from Monday to Saturday,” the generous doctor told in an interview to ANI.

Not for days or weeks or months but for 2 years, the doctor has been looking after them and helping them at the right time. He also has a trust called ‘Soham Trust’ which comes forward initiates the task. This is how the doctor gives back to the society and he is one of a kind. The doctor emphasised that he loves to build a good relationship with the people he gives treatment.

He is also convincing the poor people to quit begging and do some other work. “This is my way of giving back to the society. While treating these people I build a rapport with them and then try to convince them to quit begging and do some kind of work. I also assure them of my support in all forms,” said Sonawane.

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