Air India passenger served Cockroach on Mumbai flight, crew members didn’t listen to him

One of Air India passengers complained about the quality of food that Air India is serving to its passengers. Little did he know that he would find a cockroach in his mid-air meal.

The shocking incident took place on a Mumbai flight on Saturday morning when a passenger by the name of Rohit Raj Singh Chauhan came across a dead cockroach inside his packed idli-vada lunch.


Annoyed by this, he complained to the crew about the sub-standard quality of food, unfortunately, the crew members didn’t bat an eye as they were not listening to what he was saying.

With no other option left, he decided to post the incident on social media and even posted a photograph of a cockroach lying next to his idli-vada. According to TOI, he later registered a complaint with the authorities at Mumbai airport.

“Since the crew members were not listening, I returned it to them. I even objected to their serving food to others, but to no avail,” he told TOI.

Air India manager Rajendra Malhotra, in another twist, rejected these claims by saying that they hadn’t received any such complaint in Bhopal.

“When the aircraft departs from here (India), the food is stocked in chillers to keep it fresh. So, when the aircraft is returning from a foreign city to an Indian city, this food is served to customers,” the official added assuring that it remains “fresh and tasty”.

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