Husband stabs wife to death at her office over 12-yr-old ‘love affair’

In shocking news, a 37-year-old woman was allegedly murdered by her husband in her office in Mumbai’s Bhayander on Tuesday. The accused identified as the 32-year-old Kumar Bhoir, after stabbing her wife to death surrendered.

Kumar who works as a salesman notified the cops that he had doubted his wife Veena of around 12 years of having an extra-marital affair. The couple would fight often according to the sources. It has been said that Veena had left home on January 2 following which Kumar registered a missing person’s complaint.

Credits: Times Of India

When police called for Veena, she informed them she had decided to leave home. Cops said, adding that Kumar went to the Chartered Accountancy company where Veena worked on Tuesday. It was the place where things got heated up between the two and in the exchange, Kumar stabbed her. “He fled the scene and later, surrendered to the police. The knife has been recovered:’ a police officer said.

On Tuesday, Kumar Bhoir waited outside the office near Bhayander station where Veena had been plying her trade for eight years. At 10.30am as she entered the office, Kumar followed her. Police further added that Kumar asked Veena to get back home but she was in no mood to listen to him as she quickly refused.

“The couple got into an argument and Kumar reportedly slapped Veena as she told him to leave. He then stabbed her and fled the spot. later surrendering himself to the police,” added the officer.

(With inputs from TOI)

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