Hampi earns the second spot on the New York Times List of ’52 Places to Go’ in 2019

In what is a proud moment for Indians, ‘Hampi’ has recently been placed second on The New York Times ‘52 Places To Go In 2019’. In case if you are figuring out what is Hampi, it is an ancient village situated near the Hospet town in the state of Karnataka. Also, it is the only place in India to have earned a spot on the list.

Hampi has a subtle history and therefore it is one of the most attractive tourist destination. People from all across the world come to see this place. In fact, Hampi became the centre of Hindu Vijayanagara Empire capital in the 14th century.


Once upon a time, during the peak of its glory, it was a huge, wealthy and grand city near the Tungabhadra river. Moreover, it was India’s richest city that attracted merchants from Persia and Portugal.

Even now, Hampi takes the centre stage as it attracts lakhs of people from all over the world. The ancient with sensational temples, market streets, royal pavilions and treasury buildings makes Hampi a must-go place.

It has been said that the Caribbean Island of Puerto Rico is the only place that outsmarted Hampi to claim the first spot. The New York Times says it as ‘An island on its way back’.