Xiaomi flaunts World’s first dual foldable screen smartphone, check out the video

It is 2019 for the people across the world except those who are from smartphone tech giants as their advanced mode of thinking is 10 years ahead of us. In the contemporary world, there lies a healthy competition among Smartphone manufacturers as to who makes the attractive, reliable and budget smartphones. Earlier, flip-type mobiles set the trend which dominated the market through and through.

Now it appears that we are switching to foldable screen smartphones in 2019, which pretty much sums up the fact how the technology saw a massive upgrade over the years. As 3G is an outdated term, 4G based handsets are more in number and have reached out to all people and now 5G phones would make a debut this year.

Credits: World News Network

Leading mobile manufacturer Xiaomi officially confirmed that they will be releasing their very own ‘foldable smartphone’ this year. Yesterday, Xiaomi co-founder and president Lin Bin uploaded a clip on Chinese micro-blogging website Weibo, highlighting the double folding phone for the first time ever.

As you can see in the video below, Lin Bin is folding the Xiaomi device backwards from both sides, changing the tablet into a regular smartphone. The Xiaomi phone with its dual folding screen seems like it can be practical for regular usage.

Though Xiaomi kept mum as it didn’t mention any other details about its dual foldable screen phone. Bin went on to mention that it is just a sample which is quite far from a finished product, with lots of technical difficulties still to be improved.

How cool would that be if we get our hands on to the dual foldable screen phone from Xiaomi which is to be launched this year? Can’t just wait!

Watch the video below!

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