Gautam Gambhir may become the next Delhi CM- BJP to task him to take on Kejriwal?

In an exclusive interview with Republic TV Editor-in-Chief, Arnab Goswami, Gautam Gambhir had something to talk about several political issues going around in the country. The recently retired cricketer who has been a busy man on social media has always chipped in with straightforward opinions. He even targeted the state CM Arvind Kejriwal-led government on existing issues like air pollution, which has been a hot topic in the National capital.

When asked whether there is a certain dislike for the Delhi CM, Gautam Gambhir said: “I am not pro-BJP or anti-AAP. I am not anti-AAP.” Later, he spoke about his series of tweets taking a swipe at AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal on several issues. On being questioned about his tweet striking the Delhi CM after NGT slapped with a whopping Rs 25 crore on the Delhi Government due to inefficiency in controlling pollution.

“Tell me, where are they going to pay this money from?”, questioned Gautam Gambhir.

“Not even in my wildest dreams, I imagined that when I was growing up we used to get only two vacations – Summer and Winter. Now, when you see children getting vacations for excessive pollution or dengue, whose responsibility it is. Who should I go and ask these questions to as a responsible citizen of this country,” Gambhir said being the responsible citizen of the country:

When asked being a cricketer why would he get involved in such political issues, he said, “I am an Indian first”.

When asked about yet another tweet questioning the Delhi government, Gambhir said: “This is the fact and out in open in front of everyone. Who should I ask these questions to? If Delhi is suffering because of pollution or dengue, who should I ask these questions as a responsible citizen? It is only the people who are heading the state. Had BJP or Congress be in power I would have asked the same questions to BJP or Congress. I tag BJP leaders as well.”

Quite interestingly, Gambhir responded when asked if he should start new innings in politics. Though he hasn’t thought about much of it, he said he would be willing to step into politics if the people of this country wish to.

“If people think that I’m good enough, and if I believe that I can make a change in this country, and if I feel that strongly and if I have the energy, I will definitely do something for the country to make it a better place. I will make sure that I do everything possible in my own capacity, and if you all (people of this country) believe that I should get into it (politics), I’ll definitely give it a thought,” he said.

Hailing from Chennai, Chaithanya G is the Managing Director of TheYouth. He has dedicated his whole life to reading and writing.