AIUDF Chief Badruddin Ajmal gets ‘extremely furious’, calls a journalist “Kutta”

It was an unusual day for All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF) chief Badruddin Ajmal while addressing the reporters as he lost his cool and attacked a journalist by calling him a ‘dog’. The whole incident was caught on camera where the political chief can be seen abusing at journalists.

Things started to get heated when the chief took away a reporter’s microphone in an aggressive manner. The video is now doing the rounds on social media. He can be heard saying, “Don’t play foul. Get out you evil person, you dog.

Political chief hurls abuses at a journalist, calls him a dog. (Credits: Navbharat Times –

What will you do, you dog? You are completely bought. How much money can you take from BJP like a beggar. Even your father is sold. I’ll break open your skull. Go ahead and lodge a case against me #@*&! You will be finished,” according to TimesNow.

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