Husband caught red-handed with another woman, gets banged by his wife

In the latest news, a married IT employee by the name of Nagaraju was caught red-handed by his wife ‘Amulya’ with his team member Radha Rani. Wife Amulya was absolutely livid with her husband as she taught him a lesson by slapping him on his face with brute force.

Nagaraju who plies his trade in TCS company has a secret affair with his team member Amulya according to the video below. As Nagaraju’s wife slaps him, Radha Rani defends Nagaraju. In the process, Radha Rani got slapped by Nagaraju’s family member. This shocking incident took place in Rangareddy district of the Indian state of Telangana.

Amulya couldn’t tolerate what’s really happening surrounding her and she took an extreme step to file a complaint against her husband in Meerpet police station. The video was posted by Mango News and moments after it was published, it spread like wildfire on social media.

Watch the video below to get complete clarity on the incident:-

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