India gets its seventh woman fighter pilot, let’s take a moment to appreciate Priya Sharma

People often get shocked when they first hear about the profession which allows you to fly sky high. They come up with rather a strange question like, ‘How come a profession lets you fly?’. Well, when you are determined to move upwards, nothing in the world can drag you down.

With such a willing power, you are destined to become a pilot, ain’t you? The following story displays the journey of a determined woman, Priya Sharma who is the seventh Woman Fighter Pilot in Indian and third from Rajasthan. She did India proud. This sums up the essential Priya Sharma for you!

Credits: Facebook

After coming through with flying colours in the Indian Air Force Academy, Dundigul on Saturday, she has also become the third woman fighter pilot from Rajasthan to have touched the pinnacle of success. Previously, Mohana Singh and Pratibha, who are natives of Rajasthan became fighter pilots.

Priya finished her first and second stages of training at Dundigal and Hakimpet in July 2017 and her third stage of training will start in January next year at Bidar Air Force Station. After seeing Jaguars and Haw aircrafts flying since her childhood days while her father was posted in the Air Force station Bidar in Karnataka, motivated her to join the force.

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