Drunk Doctor makes mistake, kills ‘Pregnant Lady’ & ‘unborn baby’ in the hospital

Operating on a pregnant woman is never quite that simple! Only doctors with a wide range of experience are allowed to perform this operation. Doctors are considered next to god in India and people strongly believe in that. But, it appears likely that some people have already lost faith in doctors.

In a shocking incident, a doctor who was drunk during his operation hours operated on a pregnant woman as a result of which she passed away along with her unborn baby. Nobody thought a weird thing would happen in a hospital under doctor’s supervision.

The horrific incident that happened in Botad, Gujarat happened on Monday night when a 22-year-old lady, Kamini Chachia was rushed to a government hospital at 11:30 pm. A class two medical officer of Sonavala hospital identified as Dr Paresh Lakhani was on duty, but under the influence of alcohol.

Credits: Deccan Chronicle

After being operated upon the drunk doctor, the pregnant woman and her unborn baby died, as reported by TOI. The family members of the deceased alleged that the doctor was in an inebriated state. The deceased was further sent for a post-mortem examination.

The heartbroken family members levelled allegations of medical negligence against the doctor following which Lakhani was arrested and charged under the Prohibition Act. Botad Superintendent of Police, Harshad Mehta said adding that they have requested a post-mortem report from the Bhavnagar civil hospital and if medical negligence is found then the doctor Lakhani will be booked on charges of criminal negligence.

The family members notified the police about the doctor’s intoxicated state. During the probe, the police officials too learnt that the doctor was drunk. They also registered a report of an accidental death of the woman but are still awaiting the medical report to find out the right reason.

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