Before she pushed off from 8th floor, Gurugram woman has last words

“Please don’t kill me, I love our children.” This was her last words od Deepika Chauhan (32), before she was allegedly pushed off from the 8th floor of her apartment on October 27, according to the police. Shockingly, the accused in the case is her husband Vikram Chauhan (35). When the incident took place, their four-year-old daughter and a five-month-old son were asleep in the house.

“The statement is from a neighbour who is not willing to join the probe or be identified,” said Sanjeev Kumar who is a station house officer, DLF Phase-1 police station. “They also suggested the involvement of another person in the case who may have helped Vikram push her out, but is yet to be identified.”

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Police said adding that husband and wife had one more reason to doubt that there was a fight between Deepika and Vikram, as there were some scratch marks on his wrist. “The marks were discovered during a medical checkup a few days after the incident,” said SHO Kumar.

As far as the investigation was concerned, the police disclosed that Vikram had started planning to kill his wife after she came to know about husband’s alleged affair a few months ago with a woman by the name of Shefali Bhasin who was arrested on Tuesday.

“His wife had been calling him through the day on October 27, which was Karvachauth, asking him to return home as she had observed a fast for him. When he returned in the evening, she told him that she was tired of his transgressions and was going over to Shefali’s house to confront her,” said SHO Kumar.

According to the police, in order to avoid a conflict, Vikram ran down the stairs to Shefali’s house in another tower.

“He consciously avoided taking the elevator due to the presence of some CCTV cameras. He even sent a message to Shefali warning her,” said a police officer, on the state of anonymity. Vikram came to know that his wife was only taking a round of the colony, he said, and returned home.

“Vikram waited for his parents to leave at around 9.30 pm. He then lured Deepika to the balcony and from there he pushed her off at around 9.37pm. Neighbours say he ran down calling for help and they took her to a private hospital where she was declared dead on arrival,” said the officer.

(Inputs from Hindustan Times)

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