Woman donates Kidney in order to save Colleague’s life, wins people’s hearts

In what was a heart-touching story in Kolkata, a woman donated her kidney to save junior colleague’s life. IT Professional, identified as Marshneil Sinhaonor was in a life-threatening kidney condition for over five years and since then she had been struggling to find a donor.

Her parents already had health issues and so they couldn’t donate and her sister who was close to getting married couldn’t donate. But little did the patient know that the 40-year-old Diti Lahiri, a senior colleague would help her and save her life from all sorts of trouble by donating her kidney.

Urologist Shibaji Basu after assessing Sinha’s reports, which were sent by Lahiri, told her that she desperately needed an immediate transplant. “I made up my mind to donate one of my kidneys because my mother has been living a healthy life on one kidney for years now.

She is more active than most of us. I am single and that perhaps made it easier for me. My parents were surprised initially, but finally got around to support me…” Diti told TOI.

“She was undergoing dialysis regularly while waiting for a suitable donor. As none from her immediate family could donate due to medical issues, this senior colleague from her office decided to donate one of her kidneys to save her,” the doctor said.

The transplantation surgery was done on September 3. “It is a great example when one comes forward to donate her kidney and save the life of a colleague. The surgery went well, and both the donor and recipient are doing fine,” the doctor said as per PTI inputs.

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