Jet Airways slapped with a huge fine for serving “meat” to a Brahmin passenger

It’s Airlines’ prime responsibility to serve the right meals to the right passenger just to make sure that everything goes well and good. But, mishaps do happen at times and the meals served to the passenger may not be the actual food.

In a shocking incident, a vegetarian passenger on Jet Airways was served non-vegetarian food when he placed the vegetarian order in the first place. Hailing from Rajkot, Banuprasad Jani was not really happy. He stressed the fact that he had never even tasted eggs as he is a Brahmin by birth.

Last week, Rajkot District Consumer Dispute Redressal Forum told the airlines to pay him compensation. The passenger Jani was travelling from Chennai to Mumbai on his way home to Rajkot on August 20, 2016.

He placed the order- Asian vegetarian meal, but was served non-vegetarian food instead. He added that he ate some of it and then he fell sick and vomited. He took pics and videos of the food item.

The annoyed Jani sued the airline for Rs 7.25 lakh compensation. He told TOI, “Since I have never eaten non-vegetarian food, I cannot say whether they had served me chicken or mutton.”

But the airline said that Jani had ordered Asian vegetarian meal first, but later changed his order. The airline also added that the food packet delivered to him had the ‘non-veg’ label which was easily visible. It also said that the pics taken by Jani depicted that he had not eaten or tasted anything from the packet.

However, Jani’s advocate stressed on compensation for the problems caused to the passenger. He added Jani even had a fight with his wife following the incident later in the day. The court ordered the airline to pay Rs. 65,000 (Rs 50,000 for unfair trade practice and Rs 10,000 for mental harassment and Rs 5,000 for legal expenditure)

Originally Published In The Times Of India