Mumbai Police Posts Funny Video Of A Thief Returning Stolen Wallet After Being Caught On Camera

Taking other’s objects or property without their permission is called ‘Stealing’. In today’s world, we hear a lot of stories of thieves stealing gold, money, wallet, bike, phone etc. But get ready to read a whole new story now. Probably for the first time in history, a thief decided to end the hoodoo of stealing things in his life after being caught on camera.

Only a person who loses their property or things experience the real value of pain. The thief eventually realised that stealing is such a crime when he realised that he was caught doing such infamous thing in front of the CCTV camera. So, he returned the wallet back to the owner.

Nobody saw this coming. Mumbai Police took to their official Twitter handle to have their say on the video. The caption read, “The video is funny, but the consequences, in reality, will be quite serious! #EyeOpenersForYou”

The video clearly depicts a pickpocket guy in a grey hoodie who was seen stealing a man’s wallet at a shop. It seems that the thief is an expert at doing these things as he stole the wallet with ease without anyone noticing him until he came to know that CCTV caught him.

After being caught, he smiles at the camera and gives the wallet back, acting as he’s just returning a wallet that had fallen down. The owner also accepted it and the guy even shook hands with the man

Chaithanya G
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