Modi Govt to start free coaching to poor students for competitive exams

Competitive exams are always a tough nut to crack. The aspirants take the exams seriously and give absolutely everything to crack the exam. Some begin their ideal preparations at home through internet service whereas others rely on outside coaching centres by splashing the cash.

But, one must realise that students those who come from the economically backward sections of the society can’t afford to pay as much as other students do. But, from the next year onwards, things won’t be the same as before as the engineering and medical aspirants can completely make use of free coaching at government teaching centres for JEE entrance test for IITs and NEET entrance exam for medical studies.

Credits: Livemint via PTI

Isn’t it great news for the aspirants? Yes, it is. But, it is definitely bad news for the private coaching institutes. We very well know that they charge heftily for the students and not all can afford to pay the fees they demand. But, the¬†government played an important role to bring all the expensive private coaching institutes to a close, which will now benefit all the students.

Apart from the medical and engineering streams, the coaching classes will also be conducted for UGC-NET, management and pharma entrance exams. As per the reports from TOI, the government is aiming to transform almost 3,000 test practice centres across India into teaching centres, which will actively conduct mock tests and also offer free coaching to students for prestigious higher education entrance tests.

The report adds that the practice centres will start mock tests from September 8 this year and free coaching facility is highly expected to start from May next year. Students can register for practice centres from September 1.

“Government plans to convert these practice centres into teaching centres. They will not charge any fees and so will be especially helpful for talented students from sections where aspirations are high but private coaching is impossible due to financial constraints,” Tol quoted a senior official as saying.

Take a glimpse at the key points here below:-

#1. As said before, students can register till September 30 as the Registration for practice centres can be done through a mobile app or NTA website.

#2. Initially, registered aspirants will go for the mock test for the upcoming Joint Entrance Examination-Main (JEE-Main) 2019 in January

#3. Following the end of mock tests, candidates can analyse their results with NTA mentors and correct their mistakes at these centres.

#4. Free coaching at the centres will be rolled out following the 1st set of exams ending May 2019.

#5. NTA will further launch a mobile app to guide an aspirant easily find out the closest centre to his or her location. NTA has recently announced the dates of the competitive exams to be organised till May 2019.