Modi govt builds 80 million toilets in the country, China to emulate India

PM Narendra Modi-led government has been transforming India at the best scene. Ever since PM Modi came to power in 2014, the government has built around eight crore toilets. In a bid to make the country open defecation free, the mandatory resolution has been taken. Even the great country like China is following the footprints of PM Modi-led government.

The aim was to build as many as 80 million toilets (i.e. 8 crore toilets) by the end of the next fiscal. By the second week of February of this year, around six crore toilets have been built. It is likely that another two crore toilets must have been constructed by now.

PM Modi (Credits: News Mobile)

The Union minister of state for rural development claimed that when PM Narendra Modi took charge at the office, he spoke about the virtual importance of cleanliness and constructing toilets.

“After the country’s Independence, unfortunately, toilets could not be built in our houses. When prime minister came (to power) in 2014 and talked about cleanliness and constructing toilets from (the ramparts of) Red Fort, people made light of it,” he told reporters in Hyderabad.

“A total of six crore toilets have been built in the last four years. Our target is to build (another) two crore toilets by the next financial year,” Yadav said on February.

Revolutionary reforms under PM Modi-led govt:

The revolutionary reforms under PM Narendra Modi-led government have been sensational so far gaining positive reviews from the people in India. In the last January, India’s first solar-powered ferry and the largest solar-powered boat was launched from Kochi. After six months in the same year, India’s first ever solar-powered DEMU train was launched.

To make this year much more productive, India’s first biofuel-powered flight landed in the national capital, New Delhi two days back. The flight was tested for domestic operations on Monday between Dehradun and New Delhi. The introduction of bio-powered flight is destined to reduce India’s dependency on Aviation Turbine Fuel (ATF) which will also cut down on airfares.

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