Father beats his daughter to death as he was unable to arrange money for marriage

‘Cruelty beyond imagination’. Humans can’t get any worse than this. A 55-year-old man, identified as Nand Kishore severely beat his daughter to death as he was unable to arrange the money for her marriage. The shocking incident happened in the national capital Delhi’s Sangam Vihar on Tuesday.

It is learnt that Nand Kishore even allegedly attacked his wife and daughters while they were sleeping. According to the police, family problems, financial issues and a recent quarrel triggered a man killing his 22-year-old daughter. The police added that the accused’s wife and another daughter were badly injured as well.

Credits: Hindustan Times Photo

The accused Nand Kishore who is a bicycle mechanic allegedly took the axle of a cycle-rickshaw and assaulted his wife and daughters while they were sleeping. Police added that Kishore’s wife and another daughter luckily survived only because their son who woke up after the screams as he went on to stop his father.

Kishore’s wife remains to be in a critical condition while his other daughter escaped from a mishap.

Deputy commissioner of police (south) Romil Baaniya opened up that Nand Kishore did not attempt to escape from the spot after the alleged attack and instead he took his injured family to a hospital to check on them whether they are alright. He was arrested and put behind the bars. The alleged murder weapon was also recovered from the accused.

Hailing from Bihar, Kishore lives with his three sons, three daughters and wife in Sangam Vihar. He runs a repair shop for bicycles and cycle-rickshaws. His oldest daughter got married while he was trying to find right matches for his other two daughters who is 22-year-old Kavita and 24-year-old Suman.

Kavita was killed in an unfortunate incident on Tuesday while Suman is fighting for her life.

An investigator elaborated the story saying that Nand Kishore had been upset as he was unable to find suitable matches for Kavita and Suman. Apart from this frustration, his business also tumbled. His family informed the police he had been spending a long time alone in the past week.

“He was also frequently losing his cool. Sometimes he would rage about food not being cooked on time, at other times he would aggressively complain about the food,” said an investigator who was quoted as saying by the Hindustan Times.

“Around 5.30am, he suddenly attacked his wife and two daughters who were sleeping on one bed. Their cries woke up Kishore’s son Rahul who stopped the attack and rushed his injured mother and sisters to a hospital,” said an investigator.

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