I don’t care, I didn’t marry Shoaib Malik to unite India and Pakistan, suggests Sania Mirza

India’s ace tennis star Sania Mirza had uploaded a video on her Instagram account last week where she was seen playing tennis with sister Anam. It looked a tad difficult to agree that she was 28 weeks pregnant and her delivery is due in October.

On Sunday, she stole the spotlight when she adorned the cover of Hindustan Times Brunch. She then went on to discuss tennis as well as some questions pertaining to nationalism because she has married to Pakistan cricketer Shoaib Malik and there were questions regarding her baby as well.

Credits: Twitter

Many even had doubts on Sania Mirza as they questioned her love for India when she tied the knot with Shoaib Malik. Even now the social media is bringing Pakistan into her picture. Responding to all these widespread queries, she patiently replied.

“A lot of people have this notion that Shoaib and I got married to unite the two countries. That is not true. Whenever I have been to Pakistan – and I go once every year to meet my in-laws – the love that I get there is immense.

The whole country calls me ‘bhabhi’, and they give me so much respect. I also know that that love is not necessarily for me, it is for my husband who has been a cricket captain and what he means to everyone there. The respect they have for him transcends to the respect for me… Just like when Shoaib comes here, and he gets the love and respect of our countrymen,” she said in the interview.

“Tags are a part of being a public figure. I play for my country, my family, for myself, and so does my husband. We are aware of the responsibilities we carry, but we do not take these tags seriously. They may make for a good headline, but don’t mean anything to us at home!” she went on to add.

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