Thousands of people visited like crazy when a European Mall opened in Hyderabad first time

Ever since IKEA stamped its authority in India, the country witnessed a sensational change. Thousands of shoppers turned up to visit the Mall which was opened in Hyderabad. It was on Thursday evening that roads were covered by a hoard of vehicles with no snippet of breathing space.

Swedish retail giant IKEA announced its arrival in this country as it is well aware of the fact that the online retailers such as, and are more in demand. In a bid to survive in the competitive world, IKEA decided to make this move.

Credits: Twitter

The 13-acre complex in Hitec City, located on the outskirts of Hyderabad, is constructed on an area of 400,000-square-foot and comprises over 7,500 products. Mumbai is expected to be the next city to welcome Ikea in early 2019 followed by the stores in Bengaluru and Delhi. Chennai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Surat and Pune are expected to follow next on the list.

IKEA’s Hyderabad complex will flaunt retail giant’s largest restaurant comprising a 1,000 seater and with plenty of options to choose from its menu. The cost of the food served has also been planned to provide food for the middle-class, which is the main objective of Ikea.

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