After 15 years, Mars is now closest to Earth today- catch full details

When we talk about Mars, it reminds us of two things. One is the chocolate and the other one is the planet. Since childhood, we are fascinated with space theories. Mars is the fourth planet from the sun and it’s obvious that it’s the fourth hottest planet in the solar system after Earth.

Talking about its size, it’s the second-smallest planet in the solar system after Mercury. Mars is in the headlines recently as it’s now closest to Earth in 15 years at a distance of 57.6 million km. The last time when Mars came close to Earth was in 2003.

Credits: The Asian Age

Scientists confirmed that Mars will appear relatively brighter and everyone in India is looking forward to seeing the planet at night starting at 7:10 pm. Popularly called as the “red planet”, it will be easily visible to the naked eye all over today’s night sky.

Earlier scientists found water on the Mars planet which may give us a clue that life over there maybe possible. Even NASA’s rover found more proof that life is possible too. It is learnt that Mars won’t be as close again until 2035. Kindly share this news with others so that space lovers won’t miss this chance.

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