Lord Ganesha spreads awareness on ‘Helmets’- Internet is burning

Helmets are made for people’s safety. But, you don’t often see people wearing helmets in India and that’s the truth. Interestingly, almost every bike owner has a helmet at home but they feel congested wearing it while travelling on road.

One should remember that safety is the priority over anything else. We should take care of ourselves. Recently, the traffic police in Bengaluru adopted a creative method by utilising a man dressed as ‘Lord Ganesha’ to give helmets to travellers as part of its road safety campaign.

Credits: Twitter/RAJAJINAGR TR PS

After that, the man dressed as Lord Ganesha also gave roses to people and created awareness on helmets. He also warned them against the dangers of traffic violations. Previously, Bengaluru police officers spread awareness about traffic rules.

Traffic policemen are well aware that people are still not obeying traffic rules. However, by spreading this awareness, traffic police conveyed a message that driving without the helmet is dangerous. Let’s see if there is any change in India after this wonderful trick. Apart from Bengaluru police, Mumbai policemen have also tweeted many funny memes regarding road safety.

Recently, Assam Police used Shah Rukh Khan’s signature pose to make people understand the importance of traffic rules and safety. The tweet even caught the SRK’s attention who specified that ‘it is the best message the pose has conveyed’.

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