Girl falls unconscious in Modi’s rally, PM himself comes to visit her- and Modi Ji did this

Bankura Christian College second year student couldn’t have asked for the best day of her life as she got a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get an autograph from Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In fact, she never even thought of getting an autograph from Modi. The girl, identified as Riti Mudi.

But as soon as she got it from the Prime Minister, she became popular in her village, which is roughly 230 km away from Kolkata. The story became even more sensational when she got 2 marriage proposals right at the doorstep. The new-found fame has also landed two marriage proposals at the doorstep of a 19-year-old girl.

Credits: India Times

On July 16, Rita had travelled to Midnapore, West Bengal with her mother and sister to hear PM Modi’s speech. They both sat below a tent that suddenly collapsed and they were rushed to a local hospital. The PM himself later came to visit and speak to Rita, among others.

“That day at the hospital when the PM came to my bedside, I told him how happy I was to see him,” she quoted according to Times of India.

“I requested an autograph,” Rita said.”I saw him hesitate a bit, but I insisted. He then wrote, ‘Rita Mudi tum sukhi raho (Stay well, Rita Mudi). Narendra Modi on a piece of paper. From the very next day, we started having a stream of visitors at our home. They all wanted to see the autograph,” Rita said.

Mother Sandhya said, “Not only visitors, we received two marriage proposals for Rita. One was from Jharkhand’s Tatanagar. The groom has his own business and had no demands. The second was from Bankura. The groom owns agricultural land. Both my daughters want to study. So we didn’t show much interest.”

Prior to this, the family had received a proposal for their daughter Rita but the groom had asked for Rs 1 lakh dowry. Rita’s father didn’t have the resource to provide it. Rita said, “Marriage will happen when my parents decide but I want to study now.”

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