Despite losing one arm in an accident, she worked hard and became a weightlifter

In 2013, Krystal was unfortunately met with a car accident and because of which she had to get her arm amputated. Following the mishap, she didn’t often go into a shell, usually cursing her fate but she thought there is still much more things to achieve in life.

However, her setback didn’t stop her from touching the pinnacle of success. After being involved in a car wreck, she resumed from where she left off- she hit the gym in full swing and that too after just one month. She then started to lift some serious weight with grit and determination.

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I was listening to Boyce Avenue covers on Spotify when a song called “Rise” came on. • I was overcome with emotion. I had never heard a song that hit me so hard because it reminded me of…me. • I came to find out it was a Katy Perry song and I’m pretty sure I’ve heard it before, but something about the way these guys covered it got my attention and just put me in a different place. • I hung on every lyric and different memories kept popping up as the song went on. • “I must stay conscious Through the madness and chaos So I call on my angels They say… Oh, ye of so little faith Don't doubt it, don't doubt it Victory is in your veins You know it, you know it And you will not negotiate Just fight it, just fight it And be transformed” • That was me the day of my accident. Not knowing what was going to happen, yet certain I was going to be okay. • “I won't just survive
Oh, you will see me thrive Can write my story
I'm beyond the archetype
I won't just conform
No matter how you shake my core
’Cause my roots, they run deep.” • That’s me after I got released from the hospital 5 years ago. And that’s still me till this day.

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This sums up the essential Krystal for you! It is quite obvious from the fact that she can lift way more than 200 pounds of weight with her one arm itself. Truly remarkable!

This is what she wrote on her personal website: “The way I reacted to the accident was no surprise. The accident was meant to happen, and I was unknowingly being molded my entire life for that moment. I was out of the hospital in three days and back into Crossfit exactly one month later.”

Though people dream of being successful very few of us get to taste success and Krystal who met with an accident build a better self.

Written by Sagar Abhinandan

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