Desi ‘Black’ girl Breaks Fairness Stereotypes, Internet compares her with Rihana-

Renee was just three years old when she stepped on the stage dressed as a fairy but the little girl was left heartbroken when she saw the audience roaring into a laughter calling her a ‘Kaali Pari’.

Born and brought up in Bagicha, Chhattisgarh, she entered the world of modelling a few years ago but her journey has been a tough one and not because she wasn’t good at what she did but because her complexion would not fit the stereotypical bracket of models.

She was told things are ridiculous as ‘all models are into prostitution and she doesn’t even stand a chance of getting clients because of her dark skin’. Even her make up artists ridiculed her by saying that it is easy to make a fair girl look pretty, the toughest part is to make someone as dark as her to look presentable.

Renee was almost on the verge of losing hope when her friend mentioned how she looked like Barbadian singer, songwriter, actor, and businesswoman, Robyn Rihanna Fenty. Renee ignored this initially but soon a lot of people started noticing similarities between them.

Within no time, Renee started becoming popular as ‘Indian Rihanna’ and more and more people wanted to meet her in person. All those people who called her unattractive took their words back for Renee had now become India’s very own ‘Rihanna’.

Renee believes that the mentality of the country needs to change because if the entire globe thinks Rihanna is attractive and Renee seems to resemble her then how is Renee termed as unattractive here?

Renee ultimate dream in life is to meet Rihanna and thank her for making her journey more beautiful and changing the trend of beauty across the world.

More power to people like Renee who are out there and changing the world!

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