After a Long Gap of 66 years, Indian Man cuts his ‘Longest Nails’ in the World

Did you get scolded by your parents or teachers for not cutting your nails in school days? Yes, we all have experienced such scenes in our childhood. When nails grow long, it doesn’t look so good and it gives a bad impression. Well, some people think that growing nails is fancy.

We might think that nails grow only to a certain extent but that’s not true. Meet the man named Sridhar Chillal who never dared to cut even his fingernails for more than 6 decades and in the process, nails grew so much longer which looks scary.

Credits: Hindustan Times

After a long wait of 66 years, he decided to cut his nails, which is the longest in the world. Yes, Sridhar Chillal is also a Guinness World Record holder who has not cut the fingernails on his left hand since 1952 and has the longest fingernails in the world. The 82-year-old he is finally ready to cut his nails.

It is calculated that Chillal’s nails have a total length of 909.6 centimetres. His longest single nail is his thumbnail, estimated to be about 197.8 centimetres. He had successfully made it to the Guinness Book of World Records in 2016 for having the ‘Longest Fingernails on a Single Hand Ever’.

Chillal hailing from Pune had requested that his cut nails be commemorated in a museum. Ripley’s has flown Chillal from India to the United States to cut his nails and forever commemorate them in a Ripley’s Believe It or Not! museum. Chillal’s fingernail show will be officially unveiled at Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Times Square, as per the media advisory.

(Inputs from PTI)

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