Big salute to traffic cop- he stands underwater for entire day, helps people stuck in jam

Mumbai Monsoons are something that citizens of this city look forward to every year. They say Mumbai looks the most beautiful when it rains here and nothing beats the city’s spirits during monsoon.
Despite all the traffic and the chaos that follows, the city manages to sail through just fine. One of the major reasons why the rains don’t affect the functioning of this city is because of its dedicated police force. The people of Mumbai show their spirit during the rains and ensure its well being despite the storms.

People residing in Mumbai will agree to the fact that traffic here is one of the most important issues and the city comes to a halt every monsoon because of the heavy rains. However, there are some traffic cops who take it upon them to ensure smooth functioning of things. We’re going to talk about a cop who stayed in water deep till his knees, doing his duty in the heavy rains.

Just another ordinary Mumbai citizen was traveling back home from work when he saw a cop standing in the rain without any protective gear, managing the entire traffic.

Satyam Yadav was on his two wheeler at Akurli Road when he saw a cop standing in the middle of the road without the torrential rains effect his duty. He stood there without any umbrella or raincoat and continue to manage the traffic with full dedication.

This hero cop was 47-year-old Nandkumar Ingle who made sure that the traffic was being managed smoothly. He wasn’t wearing anything that could protect him from the rains and the winds were so strong that they blew the barricades away with them.

Nandkumar handed over his walkie and phone to another cop and continued standing in the middle of the road doing his duty. He kept standing there for hours managing the never ending traffic with the never ending rains.

His dedication was appreciated so much by the people in the area that they recommend to award him. Not just the area but also netizenz across the nation want Nandkumar to be awarded for his dedication towards his duty.

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