Watch Live – A man disappeared Forever with his bike in dangerous flood

In a disastrous incident, a motorcycle rider was completely washed away by the dangerous flood. The rider noticed that there was a turbulent flow of water. Seeing this, he stopped on the road only to wait for the right moment to cross over to the other side.

He was confident that he could cross it when he noticed there was only a small flow of water on the road. But little did he know that he would get washed away by the flood. The rider completely lost his balance when the velocity of the bike was not fast enough to counter the speed of the flowing water.

Credits: YouTube

According to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, 6 inches of moving water will knock you off your feet, 1 foot of water will float a car, 2 feet of water will carry a large SUV. The man disappeared instantly when he was swept away by the flood.

This is a life lesson to all of us. Never ever attempt crossing a flow of water even when water flows slow.

Watch the full video below:

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