Indian hits Jackpot, wins a whopping $1.9 million lottery in the UAE

This is a story we have brought for you and struggling youth. No matter what difficulties and how tough time you are going through, it is just a matter of time when all your problems will be wiped off on their own. This is a real and exemplary story for you.

Isn’t it the best feeling in the world when you pull off the ropes from the jaws of defeat especially in the lottery? Playing lottery is the sure-fire way to seal the big deal when you have full luck waving towards you.

Credits: Financial Express

In what turned out to be a life-changing moment for the 30-year-old Indian Tojo Mathew and his family, he hit a jackpot by clinching a staggering $1.9 million in a monthly raffle in the United Arab Emirates just hours before he was set to leave the country, a media report said today. Tojo Mathew, hailing from Kerala plies his trade as a civil supervisor in the capital Abu Dhabi, had bought the ticket yesterday at the city’s airport before taking a flight to Delhi, India to join his wife.

“I bought the ticket at the Abu Dhabi airport just before boarding the flight for India on June 24. I was leaving the UAE for good to join my wife, who got a job in New Delhi. I still cannot believe I won,” Mathew was quoted as saying by the ‘Khaleej Times’. Tojo Mathew won the dirham 7 million (USD 1.9 million) as he was leaving for good, the report said.

Tojo said his big dream was to own a house in Kerala. “That has been my long pending dream. Now it can become a reality with the raffle money,” he said. Mathew and his friends received the news yesterday when they checked the Big Ticket website.

Even a person who faces bad times is also destined to face good times as well. Stay focused and give out your best, stay true to yourself and more importantly, believe in yourself. Always fight for the result and keep trying no matter how hard it is. Many times, people who tried long and hard have come a long way so far in their careers. Anytime, life can change, if you have the guts to turn things around.

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