Solar Panels, Batteries Stolen From India’s ultra modern Expressway- Do We Deserve ‘Acche Din’?

It is always easy to blame the system and people around us for our failures. We all do the same in our day to day lives, don’t we? Blame our companies for our work efficiencies, blame our bosses for our lack of time management but this problem becomes a little too difficult to tackle when this behaviour is displayed on a ‘National’ level- We blame PM Modi for Not bringing Achhe Din.

We, as a nation, are constantly nagging about ‘Acche Din’ and lack of development but do we really deserve all of it? As a nation, are we worthy of ‘acche din’ because what happened in Uttar Pradesh recently, shows a different story altogether.

Photo Source: Swarajya Marga

Aren’t we cribbing about decent roads and hi-tech facilities for our highways and how the foreign countries have gardens decorate their wide roads, adding to their scenic beauty? What if we told you that our Government had managed to do the same. In the month of May, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the Eastern Peripheral Expressway (EPS) which had solar panels and a garden that was decorated with fountains and solar lights. There was also a miniature of the India Gate to add to the scenic beauty of the highway. The expressway connects Kondli in Haryana to Sonepat via Noida, Ghaziabad and Baghpat. It became talk of the country for its beautification and 100% solar electrification.

Now, isn’t this clearly a major step towards the development of a country? Isn’t this what we all have been asking for? But, what do we do when an initiative of this sort is taken by the Government? Instead of appreciating the effort we deprive the nation of t his facility and we are ashamed to inform that the solar panels, the fountains and the solar lights have been stolen. The thieves also managed to cause damage to the India Gate miniature.

Not only this, it is upsetting to know that in the past 1 year goons have stolen over 100-tonne steel and fencing wire from different locations. And most of these incidents have occurred in 45 km stretch of Expressway passing through Ghaziabad, Bagpat and Sonepat.

It is always easy to blame the system for failures but it is extremely difficult to realize our own mistakes. How about we become ‘Acche Citizens’ before we expect ‘Acche Din’?


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