Watch Heart stopping video: Brave Policeman saves five-year-old girl’s life after dragging her from under a train

Life is unpredictable. In a world where accidents occur time and time again, it teaches us to be careful in outdoors. It takes little less than a second for those less unfortunate to draw their last breath at the time of an accident. If they are lucky enough to live, there are chances that someone might spring into action to rescue them with all might.

Similarly, one incident took place last week and the video of policeman rescuing the small girl’s life had gone viral all over the internet circle. The policeman received countless praises from the girl’s parents as well as the people because he was alert enough to save the girl at the right time. The incident happened at the Mahalakshmi station in southern Mumbai.

Credits: NewsLions


In what turned out to be a heart-stopping moment at the Railway station, the policeman rescued the five-year-old girl’s life after saving the girl’s life. The small girl was with her parents from Mumbai entered the railway station in the hope of boarding the train.

Little did they know that the train would depart quickly as the family rushed to board the train without any second thoughts. Everyone boarded barring the five-year-old girl who unfortunately slipped out of her mother’s arms where she was about to fall into the big gap between the moving locomotive and the platform.

Thanks to Sachin Pol, Maharashtra Security Force in Mumbai for reacting quickly after he spotted the girl at the right place and rescued her at the right time. The cop and the girl were said to have suffered minor scratches in the unfortunate accident.

Mohammad Dilshaan, girl’s father told the media that, “I was walking ahead and she was holding our daughter’s hand. The train was stationary when we went to board it, but then it started moving and picked up speed. I will be eternally grateful to the man who saved my daughter’s life,” he told Mumbai Mirror.

Principal Chief Security Commissioner of Western Railway AK Singh addressed the reporters. He added further saying that they will reward the personnel for his brave act. “We are very impressed with the personnel. We will see to it that he is rewarded suitably,” he added.


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