“I am the God of this universe, I can’t waste time in office,” says Gujarat Engineer

In a nuclear family, a father or a mother or both have the prime responsibilities to look after their children and house. Office going parents work hard to earn money so that they provide a better future for their children as well as to lead a contented life.
Well, we all know about a father. He is a superhero who lead the family by example. He is the backbone of the family. He doesn’t pay much heed to personal discomfort as he always thinks of keeping the house happy and colourful. Have you seen a father who has worked only 16 days in his eight-month service? Quite strange isn’t it?

Credits: ANI

Day by day, we are stumbling upon different things in life. One such incident that surfaced all over the internet was the story of Rameshchandra Fefar. He lives in the luxurious Ark bungalow in Rajkot in the posh Kalavad road. He doesn’t go to office regularly. In response to this absenteeism, he claims that he is the 10th incarnation of Lord Vishnu.
Fefar thinks that it’s a complete waste of time going to the office. Instead, he sits at home and meditates for long hours. His reply leaves the officemates and the owners of the office in shocks.
He says, “Should I kill time in the office or meditate from home to prevent droughts in the country?”
Fefar works as a superintending engineer in the office and his duty is to take care of the Sardar Sarovar project. His absence without any authorization had severely impacted the working process which was in the final stages. He didn’t attend the spot in person to provide guidance to the assistants.
The notice that was issued to Rameshchandra Fefar by the commission (west) of the Sardar Sarovar Punah-Vasvat Agency read, “You have remained highly erratic ever since you joined duty on September 22, 2017…you have remained absent without any authorization,” the notice says.
The notice adds further saying, “This kind of conduct is not befitting a government official. Your absence from duty has adversely impacted the working of rehabilitation which is in its final stages as you are not available for providing guidance to the subordinates.”
The notice asks for a proper explanation from Rameshchandra Fefar about the unauthorized absence in seven days of time or else severe action will be taken. “Or action will be initiated against you under the prevalent rules,” the notice says.
Fefar’s response clearly suggests us that he would want to work from home and here is why. “I am Lord Vishnu’s 10th incarnation as Kalki,” he says. “I am meditating in the otherworldly state…This work I cannot do in the office. Thus I don’t remain physically present in the office.”
Another interesting he adds up saying that he is a die-hard devotee of Jagdamba Ma and his strong prayers have saved Gujarat from drought despite the attempts by ‘Anti God’ to stop the rains.
Sarovar Punah-Vasvat Agency’s officials said that they will report Fefar’s response to the Gujarat government. “We have received the report and our administrative department is processing it,” said Nilesh Dubey, in-charge of the media cell and proud deputy collector of the Sardar Sarovar Punah-Vasvat Agency. “The file will be put up before the commissioner in a day or two and the matter will be taken up with the officer’s parent department — the water resources department.”
It is also learnt that Rameshchandra Fefar’s wife filed a complaint against him with the Mahila Police station in Rajkot last year, alleging mental harassment. She had mentioned in her complaint letter that he called her and her son ‘monsters’.