World’s richest cricketer Dhoni caught on camera drinking “Bailey” water costs Rs10

Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s simplicity and honesty have never been in doubt. The down-to-earth personality is a huge inspiration to all the cricket followers. Known for the knack of captaincy, wicketkeeping and batting traits, his contribution towards Indian cricket is so good that it cannot be put it in words.

MS Dhoni has taken his simplicity to another level when he got a hair-cut from a local barber instead of going for a leading hair-stylist. He has also travelled on a local train from Jharkhand to Kolkata with his Jharkhand teammates to play a Vijay Hazare Trophy match at iconic Eden gardens.

MS Dhoni & Muhammad Wasim (Credits: Twitter)

Being a great leader in his times, he always hands the trophy to his teammates and doesn’t steal the spotlight. When a girl in Ranchi chased MS Dhoni’s Hummer in her scooty till the airport, the down-to-earth cricketer stopped and allowed his fan girl to take a selfie.

Recently, during a rivetting IPL match, CSK captain MS Dhoni was seen drinking water that read, “Bailey” which costs just 12 rupees only. Some of the players splash the cash for drinking water. Take, for example, Virat Kohli. He is someone who is as fit as a fiddle like MS Dhoni. The Indian captain drinks only bottled water called ‘Evian’ which costs 600 rupees per litre.

Vorat Kohli drinking Evian Water (Credits: Quora)

Digging a bit deep, he is good at rotating the bowlers in crunch situations of the game, he is a good sprinter between the wickets. His street-smart wicketkeeping skills such as taking good catches, effecting lightning fast stumpings are well-known. MS Dhoni has an unbelievable judging skill when it comes to taking DRS and many times, he got the better of the umpires by proving that his judgements were as sharp as a knife.

He carved out a reputation for himself as the best asset to the team and that sums up the essential MS Dhoni for you! The special thing about him is that he remains calm and composed in pressure situations and that’s the reason why he has always taken the team home by pulling off the ropes from the jaws of the defeat. He never lets the negativity get the better of him and that’s why he is so successful.

The only captain with three ICC trophies has given up international captaincy on January 4, 2017. But still, he has extended his services as a wicketkeeper-batsman. He has always worked behind the scenes to offer some crunch tips to Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma in the deciding phase of the game.

Ever since Virat Kohli took over the reigns from MSD, both have been working really well in countering the challenges. MS Dhoni is currently a proud captain of Chennai Super Kings. He does everything to make the audience engaged at the best scene. We call him a great sportsman who plays to the spirit of the game.

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