Woman claims husband got married 9 times, man says no ‘only thrice’- read full details

The relationship between husband and wife can have extreme highs or sometimes lows. It is more important to develop a strong bond with each other so that when a problem starts, either one of them has to forgive each other even if the fault is not from his or her side. In this particular story something bizarre has happened. When these things don’t click well, it results in divorces, which is deemed contrary to the spirit of human values.

There have been several cases where men go on to marry the second wife following the divorce of the first one. But, a man in Lucknow already got married nine times in his life and recently, he got engaged to another woman without even informing about his previous marriages.

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Knowing this, the seventh wife filed a police complaint and the accused was put behind the bars by the Thakurganj police. Marriage is not a joke but starting a new phase of life together with love.

It has been further learnt that the fraudster has agreed to be married thrice in his life. Samir Ahmed Khan of Chittor who plies his trade as a real estate businessman married a woman from Thakurganj in Lucknow a year ago by means of a matrimonial website.

Woman claims his husband has married 9 times. She once contacted a girl known to him and figured it out that her husband married even that girl as well. She says, ‘he used to joke I am his 7th wife. I contacted a girl known to him & came to know that he is married to her as well. She said he used to call her his 9th wife’. Accused arrested in

But the accused adds saying that he had only three marriages so far. He said that her wife took his joke seriously. “I only had three marriages. She took my joke seriously. I have three children with 1st wife,” she was quoted as saying by ANI UP.

Police in Thankurkanj said that they have arrested the fraudster based on the written complaint on his wife in which she has mentioned on paper. It was only recently when she claimed that her husband had married more women. The police said they will verify it soon.

Police said, “have arrested him on the written complaint of his wife in which she has mentioned only another marriage. Now she is claiming more marriages, that we will verify.”

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