Determined 18-year-old took painkillers, postponed surgery to crack JEE Mains

When you are determined enough, you can surely find a way to unlock your dreams. A bird is born to fly, a fish is born to swim and similarly, a human being is born to be creative. But the question is how many of them really use their creativity to bring something new into existence?

In every walk of life, we have to prepare ourselves, come what may. People who are well organized and prepared well, hit the peaks of success. Challenges are quite common in life. We have to take on to showcase our mettle. Without challenges, life would be boring.

Neelarayan Gupta with his parents. (Credits: Hindustan Times Photo)


Neelarayan Gupta ran through all pains before tasting the success. Hailing from Chandigarh, Gupta is a student of Allen Career Institute. He shot into fame when he secured an AIR of 182 in the JEE Mains 2018. He, unfortunately, faced a medical problem as he badly required surgery to get rid of all sort of trouble.

Gupta didn’t come up with excuses but he managed to postpone the surgery by taking painkillers in order continue his studies and ideal preparations for the exam. He prepared a sketch 20 days in advance of the JEE Main exam. He also stressed the fact that he really found it difficult to sit during his coaching classes because of ‘Fistula’ medical problem. A fistula is an abnormal connection between an organ and another structure.

“About 20 days before the JEE Main exam, I got to know that I have a fistula due to which I was finding it difficult to sit during my coaching classes,” said Gupta. A fistula is an abnormal connection between two hollow spaces such as blood vessels, intestines, or other hollow organs.

Doctors at the PGI Chandigarh observed Gupta closely and suggested surgery for the medical problem, a few days before the JEE Main exam, which was scheduled on April 8.

Gupta who was in severe pain decided to postpone the operation. His willpower and determination to crack JEE Mains was always there in his mind. “I was in severe pain, but cracking JEE Mains was much more important than my pain. So, I decided to bear it,” he said.

The fact that Gupta took painkillers and studied for around 10 hours a day was a bit painful for him. Despite all such problems, he secured 305 marks out of 360 in JEE Main examination. It was only after attending the exam, he underwent the surgery on April 16.

This goes to show how determined he is. Following the operation, he found it uncomfortable to sit for nearly a month. The only way he could study is by lying down. Currently, Gupta is preparing for the JEE Advanced scheduled on May 20.

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