Harley Davidson is Giving Away Free Motorcycles to its Interns- read full details

No one can deny the fact that men are fond of motorcycles. They have a wide range of knowledge about the subject with profound interest for which they keep tracking the latest piece of information and get updated day by day. Such is the craze, the enthusiastic men have for the motorcycles.

One of the iconic motorcycle manufacturers named Harley Davidson has quite a fan following, and the majority are men. The premium motorcycle of pure touch of class comes with a solo seat and sleek design promises to give us smooth ride for a long and fuel-efficient journey.

Credits: CNBC via Christophe Simon | AFP | Getty Images

In some good news for men, and may be for women who love bikes, Harley Davidson is giving away free motorcycles to its interns. This news must have spurned interest in most of the men who are willing to get into the grand scheme of things to pursue a career-changing internship.

Four days ago, Harley Davidson company took to their official Twitter handle to confirm the news. They are really keen to offer 12-week internships to the enthusiasts this summer. For those who will consider this golden opportunity to good effect, will get a free motorcycle to learn to ride and experience many great things.

Their caption read saying, “Join us for the internship of a lifetime this summer. Learn to ride, experience the freedom of the open road, and get real-world marketing experience, all on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.”

Harley Davidson company are looking for interns who have the creativity to make content on the run, in what could be a dream job for work enthusiasts. In addition to that, they want someone who can capture candid clicks and fun videos. For the ones who are going to apply for this job must be 18 years or older to pursue the career path in social media platform.

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