UK woman got pregnant while already 3 weeks pregnant, read her story in detail

You may not believe it, but it is a true story of a woman, who got pregnant while she was already 3 weeks pregnant. Yes, you read it right! It’s true. The woman delivered rare “super twins”. Her kids were born on the same day but conceived just 3 weeks apart.

Rebecca Roberts and her partner Rhys Weaver couldn’t control their happiness after doctors, in 2020, added that she was expecting their first child. The husband and wife tried for a baby for several years but eventually succeeded after Rebecca was put on fertility medication.

Needless to say, she was in for a surprise after doctors in the hospital discovered a second baby during her third ‘ultrasound’ she was 12 weeks pregnant at that time.

Describing the phenomenon, Rebecca, of Wiltshire, England, told Good Morning America, “It was really, really shocking to be told there were two babies instead of one. Then they told me there was a three-week size difference between the two babies that the doctors couldn’t understand.”

“Hello little ones ❤️ I won’t be offended if you can’t make out the photos, but to help you out, they are both looking straight towards you, face on. The last photo is of T2 tiny foot ? They are both growing well and bouncing around.

UK woman got pregnant while already 3 weeks pregnant, read her story in detail

T2 is in a funny position, led down like it’s in bed but bum towards my back. No wonder I can’t feel it much. T1 is has done a flip and is now head down ? 28 weeks tomorrow ?? eeeek getting closer ?,” she posted on Instagram in August 2020.

“30-week baby bump ???? Can my skin stretch anymore? This was last week!! I’d like to thank everyone for the concern about me being in hospital. They wanted to monitor them for a few days so I had a short stay in hospital and we were well looked after.

UK woman got pregnant while already 3 weeks pregnant, read her story in detail

The worry of their health plays havoc on your own health and mind too. I was in the best place and I’m glad to say they are still be monitored closely. Grow my little ones, be big and strong for mummy ❤️❤️,” she wrote.

Everyone was shocked! Rebacca’s pregnany was a rare case as doctors couldn’t exactly figue it out in the first place. Her doctor David Walker, an OBGYN at Royal United Hospital in Bath, added that it is rare occurrence that the “actual number of times it has happened is unknown,” ABC News reports.

UK woman got pregnant while already 3 weeks pregnant, read her story in detail

“My initial reaction was how had I missed the second twin. And following this, I was slightly relieved that it was not my mistake but a quite extraordinary pregnancy,” David Walker said. Rebecca’s older twin measured three weeks older than the younger twin.

Earlier, doctors told Rebacca at one point of time that their younger twin may not survive. Luckily, the woman delivered last September to a son, Noah and daughter, Rosalie.

Daughter Rosalie spent the next 95 days in the neo-natal intensive care unit while Noah spent just over 3 weeks at a different NICU, ABC News reports.

“They’re my super twins. Every day I look at them and think, ‘Wow, I’m so lucky’,” Rebecca, whose story has gone viral on social media, said.