Chinese People Brutally Kill a Kangaroo in Zoo, As it could not entertain them

How would it be if the animals get the better of humans and overpower them at the best scene? Just because humans possess sixth sense doesn’t mean that they can do anything to dominate the speechless creatures. Just like us, animals do have families and they ask us for nothing in return but a peaceful life.

But, what do they get is cruelty which is unacceptable by any means. Animals got the right to live, liberty to roam about wherever they like but instead, they are being tortured by the humans in many ways. Humans are using them in the best possible way so much so that they get benefits from it.

Kangaroo (Credits: National Geographic Kids 0

One side, animals are abused and killed for their skin & meat whereas, in the other side, the poor speechless creatures are trapped and kept at the zoo which makes life happier for them (humans) to make money out of it. Only the heart-broken animals know how cruel the world has transformed since the inception of human beings evolved.

The Plot:

In a recent frustrating incident that is hard to digest, visitors in a zoo in China ended up killing a Kangaroo because the animal failed to entertain people by not playing tricks. Hence, the animal was stoned to death in a Chinese Zoo.

The 12-year-old female kangaroo was not hopping enough to draw attention of the visitors at the Fuzhou Zoo in February, The New York Times reported, quoting Chinese media, reported The Washington Post.

A spectator who got annoyed by animal’s dull response picked up a concrete rock and threw at the poor animal. Seeing that, some adults followed it up by throwing stones at them and finally they ended up severely wounding the animal, Agence France-Presse wrote

“Some adults see the kangaroos sleeping and then pick up rocks to throw at them,” a zookeeper told the Haixia Metropolis News, as reported by the Times. Employees tried to divert the crowd, the worker said, but “after we cleared the display area of rocks, they went to find them elsewhere.”

By the time zookeepers saved the kangaroo from the visitors, AFP reported, animal’s foot was damaged badly. She was continuously supplied with liquid medication to the veins (intravenous drip) that assisted life before it’s funeral for several days and then she failed to sustain and drew her last breathe because of internal bleeding. According to an autopsy performed by the veterinarians, the animal’s kidney was ruined too.

The zoo workers stressed the fact that, killing the animal is deemed contrary to the rules but the silly people havn’t stopped doing it. However, it is learnt that the zoo will come well equipped with more security cameras, AFP wrote. It was also a pure touch of class by the zoo workers as they gave decided to display the dead kangaroo in the form of a picture as a sort of memorial.

Having been generating quite a lot of revenues through animals by many ways day in day out, humans are also indirectly responsible for the extinction of the animal species. Therefore as global citizens, it is our utmost duty to conserve and preserve each and every species.

Chaithanya G
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