Japan will give 2 Lakh high paying jobs to Indians, plus citizenship, in few months

After giving a humongous loan to India at probably world’s lowest interest rate for bullet train between two Indian financial cities namely Mumbai and Ahmedabad, Japan once again gives some good news to Indians. This time it will lighten a huge burden of Indian youngsters. In fact, it is like a dream come true for many Indian youths. Japan has officially announced that it will give 2 lakh jobs to only and only Indians. In fact, all jobs will be given in just a few months.

Moreover, Japan has eased the rules and regulations for visa issuance to Indian citizens with effect from January 1, 2018. It may be because of a good diplomatic engagement between Indian PM Narendra Modi and his Japanese counterpart Sinzo Abe.

It is learnt that Japan finds it tough to compete with global IT companies with its current workforce and, therefore, it is in desperate need to recruit highly skilled professionals for its dormant companies. The country is looking towards India with its hungry eyes for a supply of manpower to Japanese IT hubs.

Needless to say that Indians are always in demand in almost all countries. Most of the global companies are run by Indian brains. Be it Microsoft, Google or Pepsico- all their CEOs are Indians. A number of Indian scientists are giving significant hand to the NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) of the USA.

Recently, newly elected US President Donald Trump tightened the H-1B visa policies which has virtually blocked the road of many Indian aspirants to American companies. Trump had apparent political impulsions to put restrictions on H-1B visas granted by the officials prior to his arrival in power.

Considering strict policies of the USA, India has got positve signals from its friend Japan. The vice president of Japan External Trade, Shigeki Maeda, said that the country is very ready to recruit 2 lakh Indian professionals in upcoming months and another 8 Lakh Indians in next one decade. Only Indians can fulfill the widening gap of Japan IT industries.