Muslim Boyfriend Can’t Keep A ‘Hindu’ Wife In His Family, Indian Actress Changed Her Religion

Famous Indian actress Dipika Kakar, who recently married Muslim boyfriend Shoaib Ibrahim, has reportedly changed her religion. Her new name if Faiza. Her boyfriend could not accept a ‘Hindu’ wife in his life- because it is against his religion. The wedding reception took place on 22nd of February, both seemed very happy on the day of their marriage.

Her Muslim Boyfriend reportedly made it clear that he could not get along with a ‘Hindu’ girl and therefore she had to convert her religion to Islam.

“Dipika” was the name given to her by her parents, but now she cannot keep her identity because it hurts her husband Shoaib Ibrahim, who hails from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.

However, Dipika wants to avoid any controversy and she says it is her personal choice to change her original identity.

TheYouth’s Take- It is very sad that we force someone to change their religion and identity after/before marriage. One should accept what other believes and practices. One ought to respect others’ identity.